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I have been working with parents and families on the best ways to support their kids since 2003. As a teacher, tutor, and administrator I have worked with families in private and public school settings, as well as families who homeschool and unschool. I've worked in childcare and special education as well. 

Along the way, I've layered in programs, certificates, and courses that complement the work I do in supporting families. 

I am a birth doula, yoga instructor specialized in trauma-informed and prenatal yoga, as well as a Lamaze-trained childbirth educator.

I have a master's degree in early childhood education. I founded a self-directed school that serves school-aged children who need an educational path defined by grace, support, and community instead of competition and metrics. 

I believe that in order to give the best care, adults need to create intentionality and mindfulness in their responses and connections to young people.

I know that my courses and coaching options will help you bring awareness and grow your skills in order to allow you to approach your caregiving role from a place of resource and capacity.

It is important to me that my work in supporting families remains accessible to those who need it. I needed parenting support most when I was at my least resourced. I offer my coaching, support plans, and speaking engagements on a sliding scale basis. You can work with me at rates that work for you.

Reach out for an easy 30-minute discovery call with me if any of this is piquing your curiosity!

Parents and Guardians

There's no age limit to the challenges that come with parenting. Some parents coast through the toddler years but hit a sticky spot in the tween years. Whoever you are, however old your young people are, if you're hoping to stay out of the overwhelm and in a state of connection and co-regulation, then I'm probably right for you.

A wide action shot of a family of young and old playing kickball in a field.

Expectant Parents

There's a lot to think about and a lot to plan for when you're having a baby. If you'd like to learn yourself better, your patterns, your attachment style, and your nervous system tendencies before a new child arrives, then I'm probably right for you.

Annie Friday, white mom with blonde hair kissing the forehead of a newborn in a hospital setting

Educators, Facilitators, and Caregivers

If you're working with young people in a professional setting and you're trying to maintain a relationship-centered environment rooted in respect, care, and community, then I'm probably right for you.

Annie Friday sitting in a circle with young kids, one wearing headphones, smiling and playing a game.
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