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I have been working with young people and families for over 20 years. Moving between teacher to child advocate to director and school founder, I have seen lots of great individuals getting stuck in moments of great struggle. Connection takes real intention, especially when the going gets tough. I see this work of coaching as a type of first aid for family health. I know it's never too late to connect and never too late to repair. Work with me and take your role as caregiver from theory to practice today!

Annie Friday

Annie Friday in a green sweater smiling at the camera in front of a gallery wall of bright framed artwork.

My story

I come from a big family with 4 sisters (yep, I'm 1 of 5 girls!) and about 50 first cousins. Needless to say, I have spent a lot of time observing and analyzing human behavior at many large family gatherings. I grew up in the Chicago area and have been lucky to live in several places teaching all over the world since 2003.

Annie Friday in a graduation gown sitting among other graduates.

My education

I studied at Loyola University New Orleans and this is where I truly feel like I "grew up" the most. I went on to get my master's degree in early childhood education at the University of Colorado Denver. A fun fact is that I was pregnant when I started the program, and pregnant again when I graduated!

Friday Family - two adults with two small children on their shoulders, all looking toward camera smiling while standing on a bridge over still water and forest in background.

Life today

My partner and I live in Michigan where we can be close to family, my favorite city (Chicago!), and all the fun outdoors spots for hiking, camping, and beaching it as a family. We have two kids and an adorable little pup named Frankie. We equally love relaxing and playful adventuring.

In addition to my education roles, I also teach yoga, specializing in prenatal and trauma-informed. As a doula and childbirth educator as well, I work to support families from birth on.

A fun passion project has also been my podcast, Out of Line

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