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Transformational Parenting
12-Week Syllabus

Here's what you can expect from our 12 weeks together...



Welcome and Orientation

This first week is about getting you settled and ready for the journey ahead in becoming an Empowered Parent through the 12 Week Transformational Parenting Process, as designed by Jai Institute for Parenting. During this session you will start to gain clarity around your intentions and what to expect moving forward into the next eleven weeks of the program.



Setting Your Intentions as an Empowered Parent

In Week 2, we will explore more of what to expect through the remainder of the 12 weeks process. We will also learn techniques of how to support yourself through the stress and strengths as a parent.



The 10 Pillars of Transformational Parenting

Week 3 will explore the 10 Pillars of Transformational Parenting, as I walk the group through the Head, the Hands, and the Heart. We will explore family values and how to use them as our parenting guide.



Making Sense of Attachment Science

Week 4 will bring us to the exploration of generational patterns of connection, intimacy, and relational safety. How we parent, ourselves, and our children, is an inheritance--passed down from generations before us. In this week, your group will name those patterns which we wish to discontinue and make a commitment for what it is to be moving forward.



Making Sense of Nervous System Science

The physiology of parenting is the cutting edge of understanding our internal world as parents, and the internal world of our children. With understanding, comes calm. With information, comes internal safety. This week we will learn the ins and outs of our nervous system so we can support our children’s budding nervous systems.



Making Sense of Mindsight and Brain Science

Empowered Parenting includes a deep understanding of the power of the mind. This week we go deep into mindset and how our thoughts expand you, root you, and connect you to self and compassion. We will explore the neurology of empathy and compassion and how parents are literally their children’s brain sculptors.



Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence

The heart of Empowered Parenting is understanding how our physiology, brain, and emotions work together to create our inner orchestra. Understanding emotional intelligence provides both the parent and the child with inner and outer freedom to live whole, full, exuberant lives together. We dive into how we can support our children’s emotional development and give them “Permission to FEEL.”



Empowered Conversations

We have laid the foundations of the head, heart, and hands of Empowered Parenting. Now, we move to the voice. Navigating this new paradigm of connection, relational safety, inspiration and presence, practically requires a PhD in communication. We begin that process here together.



The PEACE Process

You’ve made it to the essence of Empowered Parenting! Here we combine everything you have learned so far into the Jai Methodology of PEACE. We believe ALL conflict within a parent/child dynamic, or between siblings, can be solved PEACE-fully. With the PEACE process,  punishments, contrived consequences, threats, bribes, and excess rewards can be set out to the curb. We review and practice the practical, actionable steps you need to thrive through disconnect, confusion, and parental overwhelm.



Exploring Anger and Healthy Aggression

As we continue our process through Empowered Parenting, we must confront every parent’s best friend, or rather, worst enemy: anger. Hint: Emotional objectivity does not mean disconnecting from the emotion, rather it’s the ability to feel with healthy non-attachment and how to practice, and model, anger resolution for your child.



Playful Parenting and Storytelling

Play is every parent’s superpower! We will explore your playful inner self, so you can meet your children in theirs, no matter the age including the twelve play languages, the four temperaments and the barriers that keep parents from playfulness.



Your Personal Transformation

In our final week, we will come together in the spirit of celebration and reflection. We will reflect on the shifts you have made as you employ the knowledge you've attained through all your hard work if the past 11 weeks. We'll reflect how that has influenced the behavior of your children and your relationships with them. Is there more peace? Is there more joy? This week, we take a moment to look back with deep appreciation at the huge shift that has happened within your life.

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